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Welcome to Luxury Window Cleaning,

LUXURY:  'Something that is helpful or welcome and that is not usually or always available'.

        In our modern world, high class service is rare. Luxury Window Cleaning delivers exceptional service.  Attention to detail, from using the latest technology,  to keeping our word, and wearing foot coverings to protect your flooring, is what sets us apart.

       Our mission it to deliver top quality service at a fair price, while treating the customer like a long lost friend. We pride ourselves on being exceptional, just like our accomplished customers.

       Your time is limited, you should be at the pool or the beach. Since you deserve the best, let us make your hard to reach windows sparkle.


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Exterior Window and Screen Cleaning

Spotless window cleaning with superior technique and technology. Screens are cleaned and renewed with our screen- magic treatment which repels dust and improves air flow.

Interior Window and Hard to Reach Cleaning

We offer water free interior window cleaning technology, and window track and sill detailing. Also available is ceiling fan and rafter dusting. All of our services come with our no mess pledge.

Exterior House and Gutter Washing

Algae, mold and mildew can give your home an unsightly appearance. Our unique, low pressure system gently cleans your siding and gutters, returning your home to it's former luster.

We Also Service Commercial Buildings and Offices

Sparkling windows will make the right impression when your customers come through your door. Our experienced tech's are efficient and extend to you, our no mess pledge. 

Choose A Service Package For Your Needs

We offer Basic, Deluxe, and Premium packages. Save ten percent with a recurring service.

We Are Approved by Our Clients and by Home Advisor

You can also find us on Home Advisor and Yelp.

     Tried and true, the mop and squeegee still works great. We also offer waterless interior window cleaning.

     The latest technology in window cleaning is the water fed pole system, which uses a brush and pure water to gently scrub away dust, dirt and droppings. Three part filtration yields deionized water, which like rain water, is void of minerals and unstable at the molecular level. Unstable water is 'hungry', latching onto dirt to be rinsed away. The windows dry leaving no residue or spots.


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